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The Cotton Bottom Inn began in 1966 as a business venture started by Helen Chlepas, and her son Tony, with help from the Coors brewery. It has always been at the same location which, at the time, was adjacent to a turn-around for the local bus service. Beer and burgers have always been the order of the day in a small, cozy, no-frills environment. Its reputation soon developed as the place to get the finest garlic burgers in town, a reputation that the family emphasizes.
The place has always benefited from a small dedicated band of regular customers complemented by hoardes of visitors drawn in by its reputation. On any day you could see an eclectic mix of Utahns, out-of-state tourists, business folk and even international visitors. During winter evenings you would always find the bar full of happy customers enjoying each others company with the pool table and jukebox adding to the sounds of merriment. Demonstrating her Greek wisdom, Helen used to say that she would sooner have a small bar full than a big one empty.
It has always been a family business with many of the Chlepas family involved in one way or another.


The current owner is Ashley Chlepas, Helen's grandaughter, who took over when Tony passed. Day to day operation is a shared responsibility of Ashley's friendly staff, who will always greet you with a pleasant smile and a cheery welcome. Award-winning garlic burgers still set our classic tavern apart from all other wannabes. The Cotton Bottom Inn is the place where active folks gather to wind down after a day of skiing, hiking or any other adventure enhanced by Utah's great outdoors. But the inactive are allowed in for a pitcher and game of pool, too. Nothing says comfort like a frosty mug of beer paired with Cotton Bottom's legendary garlic burger. Take it out on the patio for maximum pleasure. Our intimate pub is nestled in a scenic foothills canyon that makes every visit feel like a grand getaway.

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Monday - Saturday: 11am -10pm
Sunday:   11am - 8pm

    (Kitchen closes 8pm Sunday)
Holidays: 11am - 7pm


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(801) 273-9830

We use only the best Local ingredients that keep
customers coming back AGAIN ANd again.

Cotton Bottom Inne.