Cotton Bottom Inne.

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Events and Other Stuff


Monday - Saturday: 11am -10pm
Sunday:   11am - 8pm

    (Kitchen closes 8pm Sunday)
Holidays: 11am - 7pm


Call us AT:

(801) 273-9830


They used to say that one of the nice things about our restaurant is that nothing ever changes. Well, some things should so we will be introducing a few special occasions through the year. We'll use this page to let you know what they are.

Monday Night Football

When the NFL game is on, we'll be offering a special deal:

  •  A bacon double cheeseburger and a glass of Coors Draft Banquet Beer for only $8.50

Guest Beers

We now have Full Suspension Pale Ale  on tap for a limited time. $3.50 a pint, $11.00 a pitcher

Other Stuff We'd Like You to Know...

 The alcohol license we have introduces some restrictions to the way we operate:

  • We can't have anyone under 21 years anywhere on the premises.

  • We don't accept orders for meals 'To Go' over the phone. You have to be present.

  • We don't serve orders when minors are present. So pleasedon't bring minors and expect to be served. (you're not allowed to leave them in the car!)

  • We always reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

  • Large To Go orders must be pre-approved in advance by our management, so if you want to place a large order please give us a minimum of 24 hours notice.

  • We have an ATM and several big-screen TV's inside.